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Food in the Parks

Food in the Parks

Food in the Parks   Growing up in Poland, I have learned to make use of the local plant as I watched my Mom making soups, preserves, syrups and juices from what seemed to carelessly grow outside of my house. Whereas some of the plants were […]

About Me

Ola is a visual artist interested in social work. She sees and understands the potential buried inside each and every one of us, and wants to encourage her viewers to embrace the discomfort and impediments that one has to go through in order to reach […]


PHOTOGRAPHS OF WINTERY LAKEFRONT Winter 2014 has been one of the coldest in the history of Chicago. Incredible ice sculptures seen all along the lakefront, created a unique landscape that I eagerly photographed. Each day presented me with a different piece of art, making frigid […]


Active lifestyle has always been an important part of my life. My main focus in the summer 2017 evolved around exposing variety of diverse people with different body types, engaging in disparate type of sports. Whether it’s running, yoga, weight lifting or dancing, I capture […]

Road Trip

Somewhere in America A documentation of a road trip The landscape of southern part of the United States has always fascinated me. I intended to capture the full beauty of the it by finding unique shapes, colors and compositions. A lot of photographs were quick […]

About Me

Her childhood enthusiasm for adventure and fulfillment shows through every aspect of her life, starting with a plant-based diet, love of Nature, daily yoga and meditation practice. It is through photography, that she tries to address the importance of a more wholesome relationship to oneself. […]

Plant Powered

Plant Powered

Plant Powered is a collection of action shots taken around the downtown of Chicago. Mixed locations and different times of the day provide variety of photographs, including motion heavy images, as well as personal portraits of athletes as individuals. The underlying purpose of this project […]

Green Measure