Video Work

Samasthiti is a real testimony of what Summer and the sweet memory of childhood are to me. It features my mischievous nephew and dear parents, all shot in Poland. After 6 years of absence I come back home to discover how much I love the place I grew up in.

 Breathe is a continuation of my work as an activist/photographer, always trying to find a way of communicating awareness and social sensibility to people. To me, lifestyle choices are an elemental part of an individual’s growth, and I use it as a way of provoking personal development. Through artistic cinematography, I try to inspire and uplift people, showing them the beauty of the world that we all experience. Whether it is through movement, meditation or conscious consumption, I share my joy for Life in the way of celebrating oneself and encourage people to practice mindfulness. I want to empower people to believe that the happiness that they obsess about and desperately look for is already within them.


FIVE THOUSAND MILES is my Love Letter to the city. A final piece from Chicago which gives a viewer a little insight of how much this place really meant to me. Chicago has been the most important stop on my spiritual journey thus far and I am celebrating it with this short film.